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I need to get back into the blogging aspect of this. There is much going on, though.

Moving to Southwick, gearing up for a new summer season of swimming, preparing for a camping trip to Maine.

Been working on art, filled up a sketchbook, started a new one.

More to come.

And I got new glasses.


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I used to draw. I used to draw a lot. Like all the time. Through Middle School, Jr High, High School. A little At HCC. I got Art Student of 2003, I would have gotten Class Artist if people had known I drew. Hell, when other students were making sculpted cats lying down I sculpted a Terminator head. I’ve looked back on it and seen some pretty good stuff. Stuff I’m proud of, some things not so much (They could be better).

Then came the ‘Dark Years’. I dated a girl, she shall remain nameless, who was ‘the artist’. What she did was so much better, or at least that’s how she made me feel. So I gave it up, relegated my drawings to doodles and shapes. Essentially, regressed to my 5 year old drawing self.

Now, many years after that relationship I’m in a new one, one that makes me want to be better in many ways. One of them is drawing. She encourages me. Do you know how good that is? Even when I think my drawing suck, she doesn’t. And believe me, I think they suck a lot.

Not a cry for attention, mind you. Just I think that each artist (feels good to call myself that again) doesn’t see their work as perfect ever. I know that in each of my drawings I can see the little imperfections, the eye is a half a millimeter to much to the left, the button isn’t perfectly round, there is an extra line in there. Just little things, you probably wouldn’t even notice. But I do.

Anyway, the real point of this is that I’ve been working on my drawings for the last few months, sketching things I like to get myself used to the pencil again. Kinda sucks knowing I have to work myself back to where I was 5 years ago. But alas.

So, for your consideration…Art:

...and the Gunslinger followed.

This is a sketch based on The Dark Tower’s opening line: “The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.”

Obviously, Boba Fett. I’m most proud of the cape. But still sketching it.

This is the beginning sketch of my Colt Navy Revolver

Noble Six from Halo: Reach

Here’s a couple shots, of the beginning and current sketch.


Shape of the head and hat are right, not a lot of details though. At this point I’m figuring out how I want to make him.

Currently much better, shading on the hat is better, the face works. I’m pretty happy with it.

An Alien. I like the drool. But where there are Aliens there are….

….Predators. The helmet looks fantastic to me, if a little off. (This is the half a millimeter one). I think I’m going to finish him up decloaking.

Stitch! Who doesn’t love Stitch?

This tree is way not done. I like the twisted nature of it though.

Self portrait….if I was Boba Fett. I’m not. But if I was.

And finally, the reason this post didn’t come sooner. One of my birthday presents to Tanya:

I’m actually really impressed with this. Shows that I can work on a deadline and still do something I’m proud of.

So there it is, my art from the last couple months. I’m fairly happy with it, there is still work to be done. It’s a good start. And none of it would be physically possible without:

Moleskine Sketchbook

My Moleskine.

Or Tanya.

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