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I’ve recently gotten into Green Lantern comics. Mostly because I knew only the basics of the character (and not even the first Green Lantern). With the release of the movie coming soon I decided it was time to get see what the fuss was about. And why even make the movie.

I started with Green Lantern: Secret Origin, and I was impressed. Geoff Johns is an amazing writer. He really brought the character to life. The storyline idea of writing to his brother was brilliant. Seeing a bond between Jordan and Sinestro was smart. Also, Jon Stewart’s appearance was a great nod to the future, especially because this is the Lantern I know of.

Then I read Sinestro Corp Wars vol 1 and 2. This is the cream of the crop here. The writing is spot on. The ending will blow you away.

But all this leads into Blackest Night, along with Rage of the Red Lanterns and Agent Orange, which were good, and some really cool concepts here, but just a prelude.

The problem, though, is that everything seems to lead into Blackest Night, and I do mean everything. There are so many connections to everything else DC related that it’s hard to get a grip on it.  Flash’s return from the dead, while an important story piece, is something I was not aware of.

I think I loved Secret Origin the most, but because it is an origin story, and I do love those. And DC does them excellently.

So beyond all this, I am excited for the film now, and I even went as far as to get a Power Ring (from Toys R Us) keychain. It’s pretty sweet, it a little too big for my fingers.v

Also, I am thinking on a Green Lantern costume for Halloween/NYCC11. I think it’d be fun. The idea is to make it light up a bit, the ring and the chest symbol. I will keep this updated with my progress.


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