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The List

Starting off, everybody needs a list. Something to guide what they do, when they do it. I’m not talking about a big formal thing, just something to keep your thoughts down on.  I, personally, use a Moleskine.

But to the list.  This list is totally personal, nothing professional about it. That’s a separate list.

1. Fix up my Office: We’ve been living in this new house for a couple months now and I haven’t done much with the office. Sure, the carpet got ripped up, sure the furniture is in there and my stuff is unpacked. It doesn’t feel like home yet. I’m workin on it. Seriously. Working on it. The plan is to adjust some of the furniture, fix up the shelving. There will be room for my LEGO sets, and my movie/video game collectibles. I want shelves. I probably don’t have to build them. When I’m done the place will not be the same.

2. On the porch I want to make a little reading nook. I have an armchair that can either go up to the attic or stay on the porch. I’m good with it on the porch. It’ll allow me to escape a bit. Also out there will be a lamp (adjustable), a couple small tables for whatever, a few blankets for those cold nights. During winter I’ll put a heater out there, just a little portable one. Something to keep the toes warm.

3. I need to finish Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  Just needs to be done.

4. My messenger bag is a little frayed. I need to fix this, to do so I’ll patch up the rips. Need to learn to sew…

5. But as one project leads to another, I also want to learn to sew good enough to make a new messenger bag….from scratch….out of leather. Ambitious, I know. but I think with patience I can do it.

6. Finish up my “Book List” This is unfinished books. This includes The Strain, The Passage, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Maze Runner, umm….I’m sure there are others.

So, the list. There are always more to add, hopefully some will be taken away. I’ll keep this list updated.


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